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Mon Apr 24 15:33:51 GMT 2023

green house effect




What is the albedo effect, and why it matters in the climate crisis -[..]feature-post/the-albedo-effect-05032021/

Coffee waste can help restore degraded land and forests -[..]-help-restore-degraded-land-and-forests/

How much of our emissions come from agriculture? -[..]-of-our-emissions-come-from-agriculture/

The rivers that 'breathe' greenhouse gases -[..]the-rivers-that-breathe-greenhouse-gases

Biochar can help us keep climate change at bay and more food on the table, according to a new meta-study -[..]ochar-agriculture-climate-change-246423/

Future Planet -

E airplane -[..]-we-make-air-travel-and-how-soon-feature[..]/take-a-look-inside-the-flying-v-feature

Heat waves: How France has cut death toll 90% since 2003 -[..]-France-has-cut-death-toll-90-since-2003

Restor is a science-based open data platform to support and connect the global restoration movement -

bogs -[..]a-del-fuego-photos-reveal-beauty-of-bogs

4 solutions for trees and forests threatened by a hotter world -[..]ons-fixing-forests-fight-warming-feature

Peatlands help protect us from climate change. But if we don’t, they’ll turn on us -[..]e/peatlands-protect-us-climate-27062022/

The surprising reasons parts of Earth are warming more slowly -[..]ive/2022/global-cool-spots-least-warming

Logging tropical forests makes them release carbon for a decade -[..]-makes-them-release-carbon-for-a-decade/

A new way to clean up the steel industry -[..]a-new-way-to-clean-up-the-steel-industry

Cargo ships return to sail power to reduce carbon footprint -[..]o-sail-power-to-reduce-carbon-footprint/

We need to make more sustainable fertilizers. This is how we could do it -[..]-fertilizers-this-is-how-we-could-do-it/

See what a year looks like in the fastest-warming place on Earth -[..]imate-change-seasons-photography-feature

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