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Wed Jul 12 22:51:23 GMT 2023


The skin of these bizarre deep-sea fish is among the blackest ever seen -[..]ea-fish-is-among-the-blackest-ever-seen/

Tongue-Eating Fish Parasites Never Cease to Amaze -[..]ing-fish-parasites-never-cease-to-amaze/

Likely several hundred pounds heavier than the record-holding Mekong giant catfish, the ray reportedly weighed nearly 880 pounds.[..]e/giant-stingray-biggest-freshwater-fish[..]save-some-of-the-biggest-freshwater-fish

The unique diversity of cichlids in Africa’s oldest lake could help unlock the secrets of evolution. -[..]ing-parents-builders-and-dancers-feature

The Amazon’s horrific candirú fish that swims up the urethra: fact or fiction? -[..]at-swims-up-the-urethra-fact-or-fiction/

Dolphins Taste Their Pals' Pee to Identify Them -[..]aste-their-friends-pee-to-identify-them/

Dolphins wait in queue for rubbing their skin against corals -[..]e-for-rubbing-their-skin-against-corals/

Stingrays recorded making sounds for the first time—but why is a mystery -[..]ecorded-making-sounds-for-the-first-time

How smart are dolphins? -[..]nces/animals/mammals/are-dolphins-smart/

Dolphin moms use ‘baby talk’ with their calves, rare among non-human species -[..]le/bottlenose-dolphins-mothers-baby-talk

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