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Sat Oct 28 13:15:25 GMT 2023


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Mon Oct 23 12:55:56 GMT 2023 From /weblog/languages

other languages

Nice thing of Lua -[..]a-scripting-is-badass?5ec266c0?8b310bf0`

a lot of quick start cookbooks of various languages - and here is video tutorials -[..]ucation-lectures.html?search=programming

Yet other JVM base language, it is very erlang like -[..]vuI1Vhhmpjq_tXqhHSmIzvYz_Xjy5kXSYlvYYdgY[..]2/the-10-weirdest-programming-languages/

Javascript quick note -

Excel -

Flix aims to offer a unique combination of features that no other programming language offers, including: algebraic data types and pattern matching (like Haskell, OCaml), extensible records (like Elm), type classes (like Haskell, Rust), higher-kinded types (like Haskell), type inference (like Haskell, OCaml), channel and process-based concurrency (like Go), a polymorphic effect system (a unique feature), purity reflection (a unique feature), first-class Datalog constraints (a unique feature), and compilation to JVM bytecode (like Scala). -

Embracing Julia: An Invitation Letter -[..]-julia-an-invitation-letter-332f5709378e

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Sun Jul 09 14:06:41 GMT 2023 From /weblog/languages


Sites that rate popularity of difference computer language

How loop generate GOTO statement -[..]01/internals-of-loops-while-for-and.html

The Hundred-Year Programming Language -

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Fri Dec 25 03:28:30 GMT 2020 From /weblog/languages


Free tutorial -

History -[..]/design_principles_behind_smalltalk.html

Smalltalk Zoo -[..]troducing-the-smalltalk-zoo-25b64ebeb642

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Thu Dec 24 00:49:03 GMT 2020 From /weblog/languages/c


The long past of C, how standard growth in C -

The state of C -[..]int?articleId=223000089&siteSectionName=

Reference of C libraries -[..]out-there-that-include-the-gnu-c-library

Reflection for C -[..]/25/reflection-in-c-part-1-introduction/

Interesting idea, integrate C and lisp -

How to prevent code duplication in C -[..]read/thread/b4d029524579944e?hl=en&pli=1

Why need header -[..]7/why-does-c-need-a-separate-header-file

How to monitor file usage -

C programming questions -

Taking input for compilation -

Understand lvalues and rvalues -[..]standing-lvalues-and-rvalues-in-c-and-c/

You may have something like
switch (x) {
case 1 ... 100:
printf("1 <= %d <= 100\n", x);

Tutorial -

C Is Not a Low-level Language -

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Sat Sep 05 14:20:27 GMT 2020 From /weblog/languages


memory management -[..]s-switching-from-go-to-rust-a190bbca2b1f

Rust -[..]t-nix-easier-unix-systems-programming-3/

深入了解 Rust 异步开发模式 -

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Wed Sep 02 05:47:43 GMT 2020 From /weblog/languages


Chinese character detail -

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Thu Jan 04 06:44:30 GMT 2018 From /weblog/languages


How go utilizing-multi-core

package main

import "runtime"

func calc()
sum := 0;
for i := 0; ; i++ {
sum += i;

func main()
go calc();
go calc();
go calc();
go calc();
go calc();
go calc();
go calc();

A presentation -

Some good thing about go -[..]3/12/16/studying-go-language-golang.html

About memory management and thread -

Several good tools -[..]ous-integration-like-a-boss-941a3a9ad0b6

A few practical comments of using go in production -

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Thu Jun 01 15:13:08 GMT 2017 From /weblog/languages/c


Optimizing Pixomatic for x86 Processors part II[..]tom_forsyth/papers/pixomatic_gdc2004.ppt

Fast way to add null after each char from a string -[..]wse_thread/thread/51d0f84dd22ad734?hl=en

Move 80 bytes asap -[..]520/copying-80-bytes-as-fast-as-possible

Pass by value maybe faster than pass by reference -

Why is java consumer/producer so much faster than C++, a lot of analysis and optimization tips for C++ coding -[..]mgroups#!topic/comp.lang.c++/7aNw3PzPvMI

case study of optimization with asm output -[..]2016/04/boosting-zopfli-performance.html

Thread-Local Storage -

There are chance that remove branching make code run faster - Other articles in same series -[..]86-high-performance-programming-pipeline[..]igh-performance-programming-optimization

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Thu Feb 16 14:45:06 GMT 2017 From /weblog/languages/c


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Tue Jan 05 15:00:16 GMT 2016 From /weblog/languages/c


Element of Modern C++ Style, new language feature of C++11 - , complete tutorial of C++11 - . And also list of document -

How to embed script in C++ -[..]ing-Language-in-CPlusPlus.html&Itemid=29

Is CPP that crap?

lint for c++ -[..]wse_thread/thread/b895a69d84ff909d?pli=1

Namespace tutorial -

Delete a pointer in iterator -[..]wse_thread/thread/cfff42bf0c8a569c?hl=en

Discussing about using standard container without copy constructor -[..]wse_thread/thread/50e174f87d0261cd?hl=en

Free books -

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Sun Jun 22 09:35:32 GMT 2014 From /weblog/languages


Overview of Erlang memory model, per thread heap and low thread footprint -[..]/erlang-vs-java-memory-architecture.html

Concurrency is an area where Erlang shines -[..]gView?showComments=true&entry=3364027251

And then, note the flatness of Erlang CPU-time curves and decent C (coroutine) performance compared to abysmal Java 6 and C++ (Pthreads) data in this benchmark -[..]ge&p1=hipe-2&p2=gpp-2&p3=gcc-2&p4=java-0

Another article about Erlang, contains pointers to useful site and reference large scale project -[..]201001928?cid=RSSfeed_DDJ_ArchitectDebug[..]2007/08/erlang-java-for-concurrent-futur[..]og/archives/2007/10/functional_prog.html

Mnesia , DBMS powered by Erlang -

Comment of OO from Joe Armstrong, , that tell why Erlang look like this, and why me and my college feel uncomfortable with it....

Some issues of Erlang -

Map reduce at Erlang -[..]/06/exploring-erlang-with-mapreduce.html[..]ly-500-million-users-11000-cores-an.html

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Tue Oct 29 10:40:18 GMT 2013 From /weblog/languages


Implementing a blog in common lisp -

Arc, new dialect of Lisp -

Detail discuss the good and bad of lisp for C programmers -

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Mon Aug 12 09:31:03 GMT 2013 From /weblog/languages/c


How to have good C code -

- Be Disciplined About Namespace Management
- Clearly Document Published APIs
- Keep Data Types Abstract
- Use Polymorphism Judiciously
- Prefer Modularisation Over Conditional Compilation
- The Best Way to Modularise a Large C Codebase is Don't Have a Large C Codebase!

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Sat Jul 13 10:02:24 GMT 2013 From /weblog/languages/c


13 Linux Debuggers for C++ Reviewed -[..]icleId=240156817&siteSectionName=testing

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Sun Nov 04 02:01:04 GMT 2012 From /weblog/languages/c


Template variable name lookup explain -[..]+/browse_thread/thread/e8755b9cb8f0fd61#

How link work, and how to debug if thing doesn't work -

How to create static / dynamic library -


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Sun Oct 28 01:42:16 GMT 2012 From /weblog/languages/c


Sample code of flooding network with raw socket -

C99 socket programming -[..]m/2011/10/24/socket-programming-and-c99/

How to Perform Packet Sniffing Using Libpcap with C Example Code -[..]m/2012/10/packet-sniffing-using-libpcap/

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Tue Aug 21 14:56:25 GMT 2012 From /weblog/languages/c


gprof -

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Sat Jul 28 04:01:37 GMT 2012 From /weblog/languages/c


Make alternatives -

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Wed May 09 16:29:56 GMT 2012 From /weblog/languages/c


Security coding standard for C -[..]8_h&elq=71bc323bdc004bfc8091ce3238c093a2

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Wed Apr 25 16:02:07 GMT 2012 From /weblog/languages/c


How to add file in /proc -

Basic about unix signal -

limitation of select call -[..]009/12/22/select-system-call-limitation/

Give hint to kernal about how use swap memory -

Recursive ls -

Socket programming tutorial -

Discussion about making flush() reliable -[..]wse_thread/thread/71da1187ec3b0445?hl=en

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Sun Apr 01 13:02:15 GMT 2012 From /weblog/languages


Where will cobol go? -[..]s-legacy-could-be-lost.html&site=jw_core

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