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Wed Jan 05 13:07:30 GMT 2022


Generate a diff page forother toreview in HG -

Introduce a tool to keep IDE code and webcontainer code in sync -

Auto complete of IDEA is pretty cool -[..]aster-with-intellij-idea-live-templates/

use ctrl-w to select text -[..]ins-ides-their-best-feature-is-control-w

7-new-tools-java-developers-should-know -

Buggy App is a simple java application that simulates different performance problems like Memory Leak, OutOfMemoryError, CPU spike, thread leak, StackOverflowError, deadlock, unresponsiveness, … -[..]buggy-app-simulate-performance-problems/

13 Best Java Decompilers for Download and Online Use for Java Developers -

Generate fake data -

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