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Wed May 31 14:32:21 GMT 2023

features diff of difference version of Java

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Thu May 04 12:27:29 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/features


List the pros of using native agent -[..]-for-application-performance-management/

Writing a Profiler in 240 Lines of Pure Java -[..]ng-a-profiler-in-240-lines-of-pure-java/

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Fri Apr 21 23:07:50 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/features


Introduction to Java Encryption/Decryption -

Java Serialization Filtering: Prevent 0-day Security Vulnerabilities -[..]g-prevent-0-day-security-vulnerabilities

Using JCE with OpenSSL -[..]ive/src/java/jce-openssl-redux.writeback

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "cab"
Date: 10 Mar 2005 23:33:16 +0800
Subject: Re: CRC-32 crc32 = new;
long crcValue = crc32.getValue();

"Day Chan" 撰寫於郵件新聞:4230a15b$
> Does anyone know how to calculate CRC-32 in Java?
> Thanks~

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Wed Mar 08 12:38:40 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/features


The Beauty of Java Optional and Either -

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Fri Feb 17 11:55:07 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/features


Autoboxing, Type can be changed -

Project Valhalla: A look inside Java’s epic refactor -[..]a-a-look-inside-javas-epic-refactor.html

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Wed Feb 08 13:19:36 GMT 2023 From /weblog/java/features


Structured Concurrency and Loom -[..]ss/en/informatique/java-19-quoi-de-neuf/

Using Pattern Matching -

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Sat Dec 10 12:45:08 GMT 2022 From /weblog/java/features


FizzBuzz – SIMD Style! -

SIMD accelerated sorting in Java - how it works and why it was 3x faster -

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Wed Jul 06 13:31:29 GMT 2022 From /weblog/java/features


Strategies of loading image, select difference API to load image in difference case -[..]rticles/Media/imagestrategies/index.html

The Perils of Image.getScaledInstance() , with more detail explanation of image handling -[..]3/perils-of-image-getscaledinstance.html

In Part I we talk about the building blocks of metadata in images and how it may matter to you as developer. -

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Sat Feb 12 14:08:30 GMT 2022 From /weblog/java/features


Introduction of Lambdas expression in Java - , an example show how lambdas help to clean up the duplication -[..]mplifying-readwritelock-with-java-8.html

Another article about Java8 change, where Lambdas is the highlight -

Nice tutorial -

Huge list of articles -

Use lambdas to replace for-loop -[..]creating-your-own-loop-structure-in.html

Overview for new Date/Time library -[..]/02/java-date-time-timezone-formats.html[..]om/2014/05/java-8-features-tutorial.html

Grouping and partitioning with stream -[..]/11/java-8-streams-api-grouping-and.html
In a nutshell, make sure to never override a default method in another interface -[..]va-8-default-methods-can-break-your.html

Convert SQL feature to stream -[..]and-their-equivalents-in-java-8-streams/

Simple overview of steam operation -[..]va-8-stream-intermediate-operations.html

Behind the scenes: How do lambda expressions really work in Java? -[..]o-lambda-expressions-really-work-in-java

Useful & Unknown Java Features -[..]2022/01/05/useful-unknown-java-features/

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Sun Jan 09 13:41:28 GMT 2022 From /weblog/java/features


Watch service, watch if directory changed -

Tips of using bytebuffer -[..]2/14/the-java-bytebuffer-a-crash-course/

path : ..\.\Java.txt
absolute path : C:\Users\WINDOWS 8\workspace\Demo\..\.\Java.txt
canonical path : C:\Users\WINDOWS 8\workspace\Java.txt

Read more:[..]getcanonicalpath-java.html#ixzz3A8Zya6YG

Jump to a position of a file, inputstream.skip() is faster than reader.skip(), and reader.skip() is faster than randomAccessFile.

Java & Files: An Introduction -

Modern file input/output with Java: Going fast with NIO and NIO.2 -[..]2-buffers-channels-async-future-callback

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Wed Dec 01 04:07:49 GMT 2021 From /weblog/java/features


Writing a simple Filesystem using Fuse and java 17 -[..]imple_filesystem_using_fuse_and_java_17/

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Thu Sep 09 00:17:05 GMT 2021 From /weblog/java/features


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Sun Jun 20 12:53:30 GMT 2021 From /weblog/java/features


URL handler -[..]ibrary/2012/05/14/java_url_handlers.html , UrlSchemeRegistry.register("dinner", DinnerHandler.class);

Talking to Postgres Through Java 16 Unix-Domain Socket Channels -[..]ugh-java-16-unix-domain-socket-channels/

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Fri Jun 18 00:28:23 GMT 2021 From /weblog/java/features


VisualVM , a collection of tools for debugging and monitoring -

Presentation of BTrace, which allow user to have event base tracing -[..]ts/8510/98299/BTrace_BOF-5552_J12008.pdf

JDK command line tools which help to solving memory issue -

Show how to get stack trace and memory map from JVM dump -[..]gr/2012/08/analysing-java-core-dump.html

VM options about dumps -

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Sat Feb 20 13:10:54 GMT 2021 From /weblog/java/features


Java on Truffle — Going Fully Metacircular -[..]le-going-fully-metacircular-215531e3f840

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Thu Oct 08 00:22:27 GMT 2020 From /weblog/java/features


Invoking Assembly Language Programs using java native interface -

Best practices for using the Java Native Interface -

Other library try to simple using native library -

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Wed Oct 07 13:11:17 GMT 2020 From /weblog/java/features


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Wed Aug 26 06:25:14 GMT 2020 From /weblog/java/features


Good : dynamic, generic
Bad: slow, don't work with Obfuscators and most searching and refactoring tools

A very nice tool to get parameter name - (e.g.: user of getUser(User user))

How to improve the performance -[..]-reflection-as-fast-as-direct-calls.html

The problem of using reflection to modify final field -[..]7-writing-to-final-fields-via-reflection

Using reflection for using test -[..]f-hacking-enums-and-modifying-final.html

Sharing about using invokedynamic -[..]ticles/Invokedynamic-Javas-secret-weapon

LamdbaMetafactory is pretty fast. (*) -[..]8/01/09/JavaReflectionButMuchFaster.html

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Tue Jun 02 00:32:20 GMT 2020 From /weblog/java/features


JDK 14 Foreign-Memory Access API Overview -[..]-memory-access-api-overview-70951fe221c9

Pattern Matching for instanceof in Java 14 -[..]ttern-matching-for-instanceof-in-java-14

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Tue Jun 02 00:30:26 GMT 2020 From /weblog/java/features


The infamous sun.misc.Unsafe explained: object creation, native memory allocation, native concurrency -

Features that help for writing low latency application -[..]1/sunmiscunsafe-and-off-heap-memory.html

Tips of using unsafe -[..]

An overview of it -[..]A-Post-Apocalyptic-sun.misc.Unsafe-World[..]ine/the-unsafe-class-unsafe-at-any-speed

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Thu May 18 02:28:15 GMT 2017 From /weblog/java/features


5 things you didn't know about ... Java Database Connectivity -

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Tue Nov 29 03:43:01 GMT 2016 From /weblog/java/features


We can link java source in javadoc page:[..]amere/Weblog/cool_javadoc_trick#comments[..]/inheriting-javadoc-method-comments.html

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Mon Jan 06 08:30:32 GMT 2014 From /weblog/java/features


As Java still need to support Collection.get(Object) , it is easy to get NPE if you use wrong type accidentally
I met this problem when using wicket, one cool feature of ListMultipleChoice is that if the list I press into the constructor is not List, it will persist the type information.
However, if you use this API carelessly and think the List return from the HTML form is always List . Then you will get strangle null pointer exception when you operate with the list instead of ClassCastException, as java will surpress the ClassCastException from ArrayList.get(i) sliencely and just return null to caller.

A related one but not really related to generics - , look like the behaviours difference of primittive and wrapper class at NULL is very easy to get hard to check bug

Another one, JDK generic try to cast to wrong class internally:

Some cool feature, apply generic in comparable -

Wildcast in generic -[..]-is-bounded-and-unbounded-wildcards.html[..]trized-class-method-Generic-example.html[..]6/advanced-java-generics-retreiving.html

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Tue Dec 10 03:58:22 GMT 2013 From /weblog/java/features


Java: Moving conditions into Message files -[..]the-java-classes-resourcebundle-and.html

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Tue Jan 01 02:18:52 GMT 2013 From /weblog/java/features

image analysis

Using OpenCV to detect palm -[..]d-and-finger-detection-using-javacv.html

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