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Thu Oct 26 13:49:49 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


surgical-tools-you-want-to-stay-away -[..]urgical-tools-you-want-to-stay-away.html

incredible-animals-that-shaped-human-history -[..]mals-that-shaped-human-history/?view=all

amazing-moments-from-history-captured -[..]azing-moments-from-history-captured.html

historically-accurate-modern-day-thanksgiving-facts -[..]-modern-day-thanksgiving-facts/?view=all

bizarre-historical-facts-you-didnt-know -[..]istorical-facts-you-didnt-know/?view=all

The cheap pen that changed writing forever -[..]le/20201028-history-of-the-ballpoint-pen[..]last-photos-ever-taken-of-25-famous.html

greatest-warriors-of-all-time -

incredible-historical-armors -[..]orical-armors-that-still-exist/?view=all

facts-about-world-war-i-that-shaped-the-world -[..]ld-war-i-that-shaped-the-world/?view=all

一戰戰地的今與昔 -[..]ht-just-make-you-a-grandmaster/?view=all[..]-bicycles-for-bike-enthusiasts/?view=all

Nowadays doctors don't make house calls all to often but back in 1948 this type of practice was very common. As you're about to see, rural doctors had a very busy job. -[..]-it-was-like-to-be-rural-doctor-for.html[..]otos-you-wont-believe-are-real/?view=all[..]hygiene-practices-from-history/?view=all[..]ese-are-top-10-highest-iqs-in-human.html[..]warriors-ever-sent-into-battle/?view=all[..]exploration-you-might-not-know/?view=all[..]sting-facts-about-sunken-ships/?view=all

Largest cities in the world -[..]n-the-world-throughout-history/?view=all

Gold -[..]ings-you-didnt-know-about-gold/?view=all

most-important-people-in-history-who-are-drastically-underrated -[..]who-are-drastically-underrated/?view=all

trivia-about-trains -

legendary-mythical-weapons -[..]l-weapons-which-shaped-history/?view=all

Boxing -[..]things-you-never-knew-about-it/?view=all

Writing system -[..]that-we-might-never-figure-out/?view=all

lesser-known-but-horrific-war-crimes -[..]ar-crimes-that-might-shock-you/?view=all

Flags -[..]ngs-you-never-knew-about-flags/?view=all

Pilots -[..]ies-and-anecdotes-about-pilots/?view=all

hardcore-people-to-have-ever-lived -[..]core-people-to-have-ever-lived/?view=all

Deadliest wars -

Favorite lanmarks -[..]tion-youve-probably-never-seen/?view=all

symbols -[..]ve-lost-their-original-meaning/?view=all

mother-teresa -[..]esa-and-her-extraordinary-life/?view=all

Bomb -[..]acts-that-are-fairly-explosive/?view=all

byzantine-emperors -[..]-byzantine-emperors-in-history/?view=all

25 Largest And Most Epic Empires In History -[..]d-most-epic-empires-in-history/?view=all

architects-whose-works-are-truly-inspiring -[..]hose-works-are-truly-inspiring/?view=all

unique-winter-traditions-around-the-world -[..]er-traditions-around-the-world/?view=all

most-remarkable-nobel-peace-prize-winners -

makeup-history -[..]makeup-history-facts-youll-want-to-know/

common-symbols-and-their-meanings -

amazing-battles-in-history -[..]rs-who-died-horribly-unfortunate-deaths/[..]ts-about-canada-you-probably-didnt-know/[..]y-bizarre-rituals-from-around-the-world/

10大想不到發明全來自第一次世界大戰 -

Ancient library -[..]ancient-libraries-you-should-know-about/[..]-badass-bounty-hunters-in-history-list25

宛如孤船 海上吉普賽人──巴夭族 -

萬年前最大初代農業聚居地 如現代城市過度擠擁、衛生惡劣、多暴力衝突 -[..]%9A%E6%9A%B4%E5%8A%9B%E8%A1%9D%E7%AA%81/

【世界公民】講錯了?「萬聖節」其實不是Halloween -

The origin of Halloween -[..]re-society/a-short-history-of-halloween/

whistlers -[..]/2020/06/how-bicycles-transformed-world/[..]05-06/fierce-amazons-more-than-myth-real[..]eing-747-the-plane-that-shrank-the-world

【地球咬一口】還沒有滅絕的恐龍 星馬國民飲品:美祿恐龍 -

jeanne calment -[..]-oldest-person-who-ever-lived-or-a-fraud

找回黑白照片的生機 替歷史上色的俄國藝術家 -

看人玩石頭找靈感 歷久不衰的原子筆這樣來 -

Abu Rayhan al-Biruni -[..]esy-anthropology-and-master-of-pharmacy/

發現數千種新物種的探索 -[..]that-discovered-thousands-of-new-species

失踪的大陸花了375年的時間才發現 -[..]ast-secrets-of-the-worlds-lost-continent

The clever folds that kept letters secret -[..]n-tricks-of-letterlocking-shaped-history

The biggest dams in the world — the definitive list -[..]t-dams-in-the-world-the-definitive-list/

The largest dams in the world — by water capacity -[..]est-dams-in-the-world-by-water-capacity/

This Stone Age settlement took humanity's first steps toward city life -[..]gricultural-settlement-catalhoyuk-turkey

The condom is more important and storied than most of us realize. -[..]-important-history-of-the-humble-condom/

印巴分治後的創傷與鄉愁 「達斯坦計畫」用VR帶倖存者重返故土 -

Sugarcane, slaves, empire-toppling — the story of rum -

How long has everyone screamed for ice cream? -[..]how-long-everyone-screamed-for-ice-cream

Who the world's first celebrity chef? -[..]e/careme-the-worlds-first-celebrity-chef

Air condition -[..]27/tech-in-plain-sight-air-conditioning/

The sinister uniform represents a fascinating trip into history, during a time when humans were still struggling to understand infectious diseases. -[..]-doctors-wear-that-weird-beaked-costume/

Although the technology is old, it can learn new tricks and still serve us well. -[..]/science/iron-lungs-history-use-feature/

The ‘Tsar Bomba’: the most powerful nuclear weapon ever made -[..]e-most-powerful-nuclear-weapon-ever-made

Jacques Cousteau’s invention of the aqualung opened the undersea realm to scientists and the public. -[..]n-who-taught-humans-to-breathe-like-fish

Test tube baby population: from 1 to a few million in less than 50 years -[..]/?goal=0_3b5aad2288-7f88e0afb5-242734313

誰發明了學校? -[..]/other/feature-post/who-invented-school/

Five Turning Points in the Evolution of Wine -[..]turning-points-in-the-evolution-of-wine/

A rare look at postwar Korea emerges from long-lost photos -[..]twar-korea-emerges-from-long-lost-photos

Hugh Everett III: One Life in Many Worlds -[..]ugh-everett-iii-one-life-in-many-worlds/

Why the Partition of India and Pakistan still casts a long shadow over the region -[..]ion-of-india-and-pakistan-history-legacy[..]artition-survivors-return-home-virtually

Jamaica's Port Royal was the Caribbean's most notorious pirate haven when it sank into the sea in 1692. Centuries later, underwater archaeologists unearthed fascinating stories from its ruins. -[..]-city-on-earth-was-sunk-by-an-earthquake

25 Terrifying True Horror Stories -

Vinylon — how a material made from coal, alcohol, and limestone became the clothing default in North Korea -[..]ame-the-clothing-default-in-north-korea/

What are cargo cults: when foreign civilization looks like magic -

Soccer is the world's most popular sport. But who invented it? -[..]s-mesoamerica-football-games-archaeology

The History of How School Buses Became Yellow -[..]ow-school-buses-became-yellow-180973041/

This Family Gave the World the Snow Globe -

The lost medieval sword fighting tricks no one can decode -[..]-sword-fighting-tricks-no-one-can-decode

25 Most Decisive Battles In History -

WOMEN WHO MADE HISTORY -[..]6782f72-1856-431f-a3bf-a488c76e5599/HTML

These are the fastest production cars of every decade -

The new year once started in March—here's why -[..]new-year-once-started-in-march-heres-why[..]important-historical-figures-in-history/

Chainsaws were initially invented for childbirth -[..]history-of-chainsaw-development-feature/

Archaeologists find ancient Roman camps in the Arabian Desert using Google Earth -[..]n-the-arabian-desert-using-google-earth/

Polynesian wayfinding has long been a patriarchal tradition. Lehua Kamalu is breaking the mold—and helping to lead a revival of the ancient skill. -[..]e-pacific-voyage-without-maps-technology

What is Stockholm syndrome? It all started with a bank robbery 50 years ago -[..]-origin-023ddcd3a14ac00a0ba88feb838574b3

Meet 5 of history's most elite fighting forces -[..]le/five-historic-soldier-fighter-warrior

how-rimowas-suitcase-design-changed-the-way-we-travel -[..]uitcase-design-changed-the-way-we-travel

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Sat Oct 14 12:48:34 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


歐洲最後的信鴿軍團 -

創新和叛逆:蒸汽機發明者的啟示 -

最後的月食,永恒的羅馬 -[..]C-%EF%BC%8F-%E6%A2%81%E6%96%87%E9%81%93/

Fact about Pompeii -[..]-about-the-pompeii-destruction/?view=all

facts-you-probably-didnt-know-about demarks -[..]facts-you-probably-didnt-know-about.html

hitler-that-might-take-you-by-surprise -[..]hat-might-take-you-by-surprise/?view=all

stalin-you-probably-never-knew -[..]stalin-you-probably-never-knew/?view=all

ancient-romans -[..]romans-were-out-of-their-minds/?view=all[..]ot-have-without-ancient-greece/?view=all

byzantine-empire -[..]now-about-the-byzantine-empire/?view=all

Italy -[..]e-and-quirky-facts-about-italy/?view=all

Austria -[..]u-might-not-know-about-austria/?view=all

vikings -[..]world-forgot-about-the-vikings/?view=all

holocaust -[..]ocaust-you-may-not-be-aware-of/?view=all

france -[..]t-france-that-are-cool-to-know/?view=all[..]lution-you-probably-overlooked/?view=all

netherlands -[..]ng-facts-about-the-netherlands/?view=all

Kings at Europe -[..]you-might-not-know-about-kings/?view=all

USSR -[..]ably-didnt-know-about-the-ussr/?view=all

Belgium -[..]nown-for-besides-tasty-waffles/?view=all

Ireland -[..]lot-more-than-just-leprechauns/?view=all

意大利国父 -[..]2%B7%E5%8A%A0%E9%87%8C%E6%B3%A2%E5%BA%95

Vera Gedroits was a woman far ahead of her time – but her story is barely known -[..]he-princess-who-transformed-war-medicine

帶你回到75年前 諾曼第登陸那一天 -[..]/ukraine/spectacular-flower-crowns-rule/

This abandoned railroad was London's train for the dead -[..]abandoned-railroad-london-train-for-dead

Guy Fawkes -[..]ory-the-explosive-truth-about-guy-fawkes

Why a Thriving Civilization in Malta Collapsed 4,000 Years Ago -[..]ation-in-malta-collapsed-4-000-years-ago

How One Man Survived a Plane Crash and 5 Days in the Snowy Canadian Wilderness—and Went On to Help Shape the Modern Ski Industry -

200,000 miles of Roman roads provided the framework for empire -[..]s-roman-roads-provided-framework-empire/

How tweed became a symbol of Scottish culture -[..]ales-of-scottish-history-and-landscapes/

A song of gods and dragons: What’s behind the animals carved in Norway’s stave churches -[..]/animals-carved-stave-churches-27032021/

她的一生奉獻給「惡魔」 德國昆蟲學家梅里安的故事 -

An 800-year history of Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral -[..]ory-magazine/article/notre-dame-de-paris

Archaeologists are sifting facts from many fictions about ancient Rome’s favorite blood sport. -[..]e-leaves-alive-right-think-again-feature

How to train like an Ancient Greek Olympian -[..]-to-train-like-an-ancient-greek-olympian

Blow-by-blow accounts of the Ides of March spare few details on how Rome's dictator-for-life met a bloody end in 44 B.C. -[..]ide-the-conspiracy-to-kill-julius-caesar

What were the Troubles that ravaged Northern Ireland? -[..]the-troubles-of-northern-ireland-history

Scientists are using high-tech tools to help solve the mystery of how the Canary Islands came to be inhabited. -[..]le/meet-the-mummies-youve-never-heard-of

How Roman gladiators got ready to rumble -[..]how-roman-gladiators-got-ready-to-rumble

集中營是如何建成的:「殺人工廠」的演變與納粹政體失控的激進化過程 -[..]cle/20220710-opinion-nazism-book-review/

What's inside Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks? --[..]o-da-vinci-the-original-renaissance-man-

This 3,500-year-old tomb held the treasures of Greece's 'Griffin Warrior' --[..]the-treasures-of-greeces-griffin-warrior

Horten Ho 229: the Nazi jet-engine secret stealth warplane that was decades ahead of its time -[..]lane-that-was-decades-ahead-of-its-time/

A flurry of new studies identifies causes of the Industrial Revolution -[..]fies-causes-of-the-industrial-revolution

St. Mungo’s miraculous story is a murky mix of fact and fiction. Whatever the truth, his legacy is still felt—and celebrated—in Scotland’s biggest city. -[..]land-celebrates-st-mungo-trail-festivals

25 Roman Inventions that are Still Used Today -

How intrepid Victorian surveyors mapped the length and breadth of Britain -[..]mapped-the-length-and-breadth-of-britain

Over 100 years ago, this telephone tower in Stockholm connected 5,000 telephone lines -[..]tockholm-connected-5000-telephone-lines/

Meet the Man With the Keys to the Vatican -[..]rticle/key-keeper-vatican-museums-photos

Was Napoleon Bonaparte an enlightened leader or tyrant? -[..]n-bonaparte-enlightened-leader-or-tyrant

Ancient Viking rune suggests Bluetooth’s mom was a big deal -[..]rchaeology/thyra-viking-queen-bluetooth/

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Wed Sep 20 06:26:03 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


How National Geographic photographed Queen Elizabeth II -[..]ographic-photographed-queen-elizabeth-ii

Why Elizabeth II was modern Britain’s most unlikely queen -[..]lizabeth-ii-britains-most-unlikely-queen

From party invitations to requests for warm socks, letters discovered at Vindolanda, England gave first-hand accounts of everyday life inside a Roman fort. -[..]um/article/vindolanda-roman-fort-england

queen-elizabeth-ii -[..]t-queen-elizabeth-ii-you-might-not-know/

winston-churchill -[..]rated-and-controversial-figure/?view=all

南海泡沫:英國300年前一次金融危機留給後世的遺產 -

A hero to the Welsh, Owain Glyndŵr led the country in a rebellion against the English crown that lasted for over a decade. Although ultimately unsuccessful at gaining independence for his people, Owain Glyndŵr was the last person to hold the title Prince of Wales, with his story and exploits becoming the stuff of local legend. Nevertheless, his cunning and bravery led today’s United Kingdom through one of its bloodiest conflicts, and the skeletons at Pembrokeshire could have lived and died during those times. -[..]nce/lost-welsh-abbey-skeletons-94245235/

The Tower of London has impressed—and terrified—people for nearly 1,000 years -[..]s-terrified-people-for-nearly-1000-years

London's underground treasures reveal lifestyles of the rich and English -[..]f-the-rich-and-english-underneath-london

Queen Elizabeth II: A lifetime of devotion and service -[..]th-ii-a-lifetime-of-devotion-and-service

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Tue Sep 19 06:38:50 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


united-states-postal-service -[..]ited-states-postal-service-then-and.html

surprising-facts-about-the-united-states-military -[..]-facts-about-the-united-states-military/

about-the-revolutionary-war-you-might-not-know -[..]tionary-war-you-might-not-know/?view=all

About White house -[..]e-house-you-probably-never-thought-about[..]ite-house-facts-you-probably-didnt-know/

Civil war -[..]s-that-will-change-your-view-on-history/

New York -[..]ting-facts-about-new-york-city/?view=all

Lincoln -[..]ught-you-about-abraham-lincoln/?view=all

Alaska -[..]interesting-and-craziest-state/?view=all

native-americans -[..]n-facts-about-native-americans/?view=all

Ali -[..]s-you-might-not-know-about-muhammad-ali/

珍珠港事件的歷史照片 -

25-biggest-screw-ups-that-completely-changed-history -[..]rew-ups-that-completely-changed-history/

george-washington -[..]story/magazine/2015/12/george-washington

Indian -[..]most-endangered-historic-places-for-2020[..]apital-11-most-endangered-historic-sites[..]tory/league-nations-doomed-before-began/[..]gynaecologist-who-fought-for-black-women

Decades ago, this pollution disaster exposed the perils of dirty air -[..]a-smog-disaster-exposed-perils-dirty-air

joe-biden -

Who owns America’s history? The answer will define what replaces fallen monuments. -[..]-what-replaces-fallen-monuments-feature/

In 1921 rioters killed as many as 300 people, devastating a prosperous area for generations. Now the city is trying to reckon with the disgrace. -[..]-mob-destroyed-a-black-community-feature[..]assacre-black-business-booming-greenwood

What Benjamin Franklin’s battles with a deadly virus that swept Colonial America can teach us about our own struggles with anti-vaxxers -[..]min-franklin-lessons-from-smallpox-0423/

The Ugly Election That Birthed Modern American Politics -[..]sidential-elections-1824-corrupt-bargain

Arrested and tortured, the Silent Sentinels suffered for suffrage -[..]article/silent-sentinels-womens-suffrage

Ancient solar storm pinpoints Viking settlement in Americas exactly 1,000 years ago -[..]ttlement-americas-exactly-1000-years-ago

Harriet Tubman Is Famous for Being an Abolitionist and Political Activist, but She Was Also a Naturalist -[..]-but-she-was-also-a-naturalist-180979689

Cutting ties with a king might have seemed like "Common Sense" in the 1770s, but the desire was not unanimous among the colonists—until the Declaration convinced them otherwise. -[..]ndependence-wooed-americans-from-britain

Life, both big and small, returns to NYC’s 500 miles of coastline -[..]l-returns-to-nycs-500-miles-of-coastline

From sweeping views of the Grand Canyon to stunning waterfalls in Yosemite, these vintage photos capture timeless beauty of national parks in the United States. -[..]l/national-parks/article/historic-photos

'Hispanic'? 'Latino'? Here’s where the terms come from -[..]panic-latino-heres-where-terms-come-from

A leader of the indigenous Caribbeans known as the Taíno describes how his people’s history was erased—and what they’re doing to get it back. -[..]eet-survivors-taino-tribe-paper-genocide

How Tecumseh fought for Native lands—and became a folk hero -[..]-for-native-lands-and-became-a-folk-hero

How mail-in voting began on Civil War battlefields -[..]n-voting-began-on-civil-war-battlefields

Why the 1876 election was the most divisive in U.S. history -[..]ed-states-history-how-congress-responded

80 years after the Montford Point Camp was established to train enlisted African Americans, relatives and other Marines fight to document their contributions before it’s too late. -[..]-the-stories-of-the-first-black-recruits

These 5 ancient cities once ruled North America—what happened to them? -[..]s-cities-north-america-archaeology-sites

Take a road trip through Alabama’s civil rights history -[..]-rights-trail-history-martin-luther-king

Here Is How The Pentagon Comes Up With Code Words And Secret Project Nicknames -[..]-code-words-and-secret-project-nicknames

This Black artist’s vibrant quilts inspired generations of U.S. artisans -[..]k-artist-woman-art-quilts-harriet-powers

The first Black U.S. senator lived an extraordinary life -[..]-senator-extraordinary-life-hiram-revels

The surprising history of Hawai‘i’s hula tradition -[..]rising-history-of-hawaiis-hula-tradition

From Chinese railroad workers in Utah to Filipino shrimpers in Louisiana, here are tales of immigration, struggle, and belonging. -[..]an-americans-deep-roots-in-united-states

Oppenheimer -[..]rld-war-ii-atomic-bomb-manhattan-project[..]er-historical-accuracy-christopher-nolan

What is the Feast of the Seven Fishes? -[..]le/what-is-the-feast-of-the-seven-fishes

National Geographic partnered with the For Freedoms artist group On A Series of Photo Essays inspired by American History. -[..]om/magazine/graphics/the-past-is-present

Martin Luther King Jr.'s -[..]68/i-have-a-dream-speech-in-its-entirety[..]-in-the-crowd-share-stories/70233565007/

Artifacts pulled from the rubble of 9/11 become symbols of what was lost -[..]-of-9-11-become-symbols-of-what-was-lost

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Sun Sep 17 14:43:03 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


Carrots were originally purple, not orange. Here’s what happened -[..]d-and-nutrition/purple-carrots-21032011/

Who invented ice cream? A sweet journey through history -[..]lture-society/history-ice-cream-feature/

The history of Halloween Pumpkins – Why do we carve pumpkins? -

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Mon Jul 17 14:43:59 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


How the Americans with Disabilities Act transformed a country -[..]sabilities-act-transformed-united-states

How the wheelchair opened up the world to millions of people -[..]story-innovation-technology-independence

How wheelchair basketball changed these women's lives -[..]asketball-changed-lives-battambang-roses

For autistic youths entering adulthood, a new world of challenges awaits -[..]aiting-a-new-world-of-challenges-feature

How the Paralympic movement evolved into a major sporting event -[..]vement-evolved-into-major-sporting-event

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Mon Jul 10 01:11:05 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


Revealed: the ancient propaganda war that led to the triumph of Christianity -[..]ews-propaganda-archaeology-b1832070.html

Germination of Effective Propaganda: The Egyptian Dynasty XII -[..]ive-propaganda-the-egyptian-dynasty-xii/

Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith -[..]egation-for-the-Propagation-of-the-Faith

Pamphlet wars -

First World War Recruitment Posters -[..]rces/first-world-war-recruitment-posters

World War II Propaganda -[..]experience/features/goebbels-propaganda/

These Soviet propaganda posters once evoked heroism, pride and anxiety -[..]nda-posters-meant-to-evoke-heroism-pride

How Hitler Conquered Germany
The Nazi propaganda machine exploited ordinary Germans by encouraging them to be co-producers of a false reality. -[..]asses-to-co-produce-a-false-reality.html

Joseph Goebbels’ 105-year-old secretary: ‘No one believes me now, but I knew nothing’ -[..]-nazi-joseph-goebbels-propaganda-machine

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Sat Jul 08 14:14:29 GMT 2023 From /weblog/history


Unix -[..]history-microsoft-unix-operating-system/[..]nux-how-linux-became-everyones-favorite/[..]hat-is-unix-and-the-history-of-unix-408l

Woman -[..]story-of-women-in-computing-e7253ac24306

Design -[..]03/the-software-architecture-chronicles/[..]ace/the-improbable-origins-of-powerpoint[..]se-hard-disk-drive-industry-d7747f793c99

How to get old software and hardware working again -

別小看人類玩遊戲的渴望! 電腦和電子遊戲同時起源於 1950 年代 -[..]insights/blog/100-years-computer-science[..]atchm/who-invented-the-microprocessor-2/[..]e-whirlwind-computer-at-chm-dab505bc52a6[..]0-years-of-computer-science-ca2603bcec4d

EBay -[..]-and-the-times-that-could-have-killed-it

A tribute to Alan Turing -

滑鼠的共同發明人 William English 逝世,享耆壽 91 歲 -[..]e-co-inventor-William-English-dies-at-91

The Life of a Data Byte -

【Wired 硬塞】世界第一顆真・微處理器與 F-14 戰機秘史 -[..]history-of-the-first-microprocessor-f-14

What Can We Learn From SQL’s 50 Year Reign? A Story of 2 Turing Awards -

Climbing the Peak: Agony and Ecstasy Of 200 Code Writers Beget Windows NT -

How Quake Shook the World: Quake Turns 25 -[..]how-quake-shook-the-world-quake-turns-25

A History of Automatic Speech Recognition -

Why DEL is 0x7f, \n is linefeed, and fights break out in the tab vs space debate.-[..]e/weird-programming-facts-1-3fe47d82a7fd

Linux -[..]/linus-torvalds-on-linuxs-30th-birthday/

Logical Piano Lessons -

How Did Vim Become So Popular -

Ukraine’s Software & Computer Museum -[..]es-software-computer-museum-1563a3efd434

AWS 亚马逊云基础架构 16 年创新史-

Long Live Software Easter Eggs! -

Cerf and Kahn may have invented the primary protocol for the internet, but many others made valuable contributions. -[..]science/who-invented-the-internet-05264/

50 Years of Fun With PONG -

PostScript: A Digital Printing Press -[..]pt-a-digital-printing-press-f3d9f1059997

In Memoriam: Gordon Moore (1929–2023) -[..]riam-gordon-moore-1929-2023-641bf50e62e2

Xerox PARC -[..]p-of-historical-proportions-93f5f502f608

From Alto to AI -

SimCity 4, the greatest citybuilder of all time, was released 20 years ago -[..]er-of-all-time-was-released-20-years-ago

Ethernet Turns 50! -

ERMA was the absolute beginning of the mechanization of business. — Thomas Morrin, SRI Director of Engineering -

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The ancient origins of glass -[..]ticle/society/2021/ancient-origins-glass

The true location of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon remains an unsolved mystery, but the latest research suggests looking in a different place. -[..]-of-the-ancient-world-are-except-for-one

They were scouting for oil in Iran. They found an ancient temple instead -[..]ine/article/the-ziggurat-of-elam-in-iran

What were hieroglyphs, the Egyptian words of the gods, and what did they mean? -

Only one ancient account mentions the existence of Xerxes Canal, long thought to be a tall tale. But archaeology is confirming that Persia's engineering triumph was real. -[..]al-xerxes-existence-darius-persia-greece

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Maze of tunnels reveals remains of ancient Jerusalem -[..]ures-and-stoke-ancient-conflicts-feature

Israel -[..]ting-and-controversial-country/?view=all

Daring ‘rescue’ mission results in Dead Sea Scroll finds, other rare discoveries -[..]sea-scroll-finds-other-rare-discoveries?

Railway lines once connected the Middle East -[..]way-lines-once-connected-the-middle-east

Hebrew wasn’t spoken for 2,000 years. Here’s how it was revived. -[..]-for-2000-years-heres-how-it-was-revived

The unusual history of the beloved bagel -[..]l-history-jewish-american-culture-symbol

A brief history of matzoh: 'It's not supposed to taste good' -[..]ure/article/the-crummy-history-of-matzoh

Descendants of Chernobyl’s Jewish dynasty return to the exclusion zone -[..]rticle/hasidic-jewish-ancestry-chernobyl

How the Holocaust happened in plain sight -[..]ust-adolf-hitler-history-genocide-denial

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The Incredible Story of the US Army’s Earth-Shaking, Off-Road Land Trains -[..]rmy-s-earth-shaking-off-road-land-trains

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製作可樂和毒品的天然原料!管制作物「古柯」的馴化起源研究 -

How Early Islamic Science Advanced Medicine -[..]slim-medicine-scientific-discovery-islam

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The fascinating story of Mongolia’s nomadic empire, revealed by DNA analysis -[..]nomadic-empire-revealed-by-dna-analysis/

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Egypt -[..]t-not-know-about-ancient-egypt/?view=all[..]ight-leave-you-a-bit-surprised/?view=all

madagascar -[..]-madagascar-you-might-not-know/?view=all

“Our world is moved by the minerals of the Congo,” says Mombilo. “The positive thing I can say is that in all these advanced technologies, you’re talking about the Congo.” -[..]orgotten-mine-that-built-the-atomic-bomb

來自非洲,卻征服全世界的神奇植物「可樂果」 -

King Tut's grandparents were Egypt's royal power couple -[..]rents-tiye-amenhotep-egypt-royal-couple/

Ebou Janha, 102, is the only surviving veteran of 1 Gambia Regiment, which fought for the British against Japanese troops in then-Burma during the Second World War. -[..]f-africas-forgotten-army-gambia-and-wwii

Nefertiti was more than just a pretty face -[..]fertiti-was-more-than-just-a-pretty-face

Thonis-Heracleion, Alexandria, Meroë, and Jenne-Jeno were once centers of sophistication and wealth, but their fortunes waned over time. Although their ancient splendors disappeared from sight, archaeology is now revealing their glorious pasts. -[..]these-four-lost-cities-of-ancient-africa

The Lighthouse of Alexandria towered over the port city founded by Alexander the Great. Guiding sailors for centuries, it stood from the third century B.C. until the Middle Ages. -[..]-brightly-for-more-than-a-thousand-years

Thonis-Heracleion, Alexandria, Meroë, and Jenne-Jeno were once centers of sophistication and wealth, but their fortunes waned over time. Although their ancient splendors disappeared from sight, archaeology is now revealing their glorious pasts. -[..]these-four-lost-cities-of-ancient-africa

The 2,300-year-old royal tomb of a Kushite king appears nearly untouched—and submerged in rising groundwater. What’s an archaeologist to do? -[..]/article/dive-ancient-pyramid-nuri-sudan

The deep, long-lasting, and sometimes bizarre symbolism of the Eye of Horus -[..]s-bizarre-symbolism-of-the-eye-of-horus/

Where did the Queen of Sheba rule—Arabia or Africa? -[..]cle/where-queen-sheba-rule-arabia-africa

How was King Tut’s tomb discovered 100 years ago? Grit and luck -[..]ered-100-years-ago-grit-and-luck-feature

Ancient Egypt gave rise to one of the world's oldest Christian faiths -[..]rticle/coptic-christianity-ancient-egypt

The warriors of this West African kingdom were formidable—and female -[..]e-story-of-the-women-warriors-of-dahomey

The stunning discovery of tutankhamun’s tomb 100 years ago opened a window into egypt’s golden past. Now the world will get a new look at the young pharaoh’s riches. -[..]ower-of-king-tut-as-never-before-feature

Seven days of unwrapping the king -[..]ys-of-unwrapping-king-tutankhamuns-mummy

Mysteries of King Tut: What we still don't know -[..]ries-of-king-tut-what-we-still-dont-know

Ramses II ruled for 70 years and had 100 children. Egypt paid the price. -[..]gypt-children-pharaoh-ramses-family-tree

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找個理由不革命--黎元洪們的第一選擇 -

解除黨禁:大政治家的無奈與膽識 -

China: The Virtues of the Awful Convulsion -[..]ina-the-virtues-of-the-awful-convulsion/

城市哈哈鏡──老上海的新式百貨文化 -

「把六四事件告訴全世界,人們是這麼說的」 回到8964這一天 -

【世界公民】「康熙」的英文 -

行走江湖的「保標」,真的存在嗎?官方公文找答案 -

穿越大清拚國考!清代科舉教戰守則 -

沈括 -

你今天吃蛋了嗎?回到鴨蛋風行年代,揭開雞蛋崛起之謎! -

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【消失中的香港】尋找深水埗碼頭原址 -[..]F%97%E7%A2%BC%E9%A0%AD%E5%8E%9F%E5%9D%80

【消失中的香港】尋找沙田畫舫原址 -[..]4%B0%E7%95%AB%E8%88%AB%E5%8E%9F%E5%9D%80

水底揭秘 穿越時空的大嶼山旅行 -

守護⽔源歷史 - 九⿓⽔塘界碑 -

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In the polar winter of 1961, a Soviet surgeon took out his own appendix -[..]ar-antarctic-self-appendectomy-22112021/

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從木匠到水管工 瑪利歐的「跳躍」史 -

Feature: Nintendo Hotliner Life 1990–93: Manning The Phones During The Console Wars -[..]nning-the-phones-during-the-console-wars

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A History of Hard Drives -

【Lynn 寫點科普】你知道你正在用的電腦是 70 年前發明的馮紐曼架構嗎? -

A Brief History of FPGA -

The Big Boys Move In — A Moment in the History of the Computer: the Coming of the IBM PC -[..]er-the-coming-of-the-ibm-pc-631fa8ea0c36

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Chu -[..]%85%E8%A1%8C%E7%9A%84%E6%84%8F%E7%BE%A9/

Brazil -[..]rgest-country-in-south-america/?view=all

mexican-food -[..]ht-not-know-about-mexican-food/?view=all

argentina -[..]you-never-knew-about-argentina/?view=all

年年歡慶完工,年年砍掉重練:祕魯全手工繩橋 -

Who were the Inca, South America’s largest ancient empire? -

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S.J. Baker: The woman who transformed public health -[..]york-woman-who-transformed-public-health

Harvey Cushing -[..]00610-how-intensive-care-units-were-born

Marie Curie -[..]arie-curie-the-price-of-knowledge-52332/

Harriet Chalmers Adams -[..]othing-for-19th-century-female-explorer/

保特 -

回首沙龍的一生 -

Last photos of 25 famous people -[..]last-photos-ever-taken-of-25-famous.html

Medieval robots? They were just one of this Muslim inventor's creations -[..]i-muslim-inventor-called-father-robotics

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About Hiroshima and Nagasaki -[..]w-about-hiroshima-and-nagasaki/?view=all

Yakuza -[..]e-known-facts-about-the-yakuza/?view=all

【冷知識】日本最熱血學界接力賽 箱根驛傳緣自奧運取消? -

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A brief history of human spaceflight—1961 to present -[..]man-spaceflight-1961-to-present-feature/

Countdown to a new era in Space -[..]anding-new-age-of-space-travel-is-coming

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羽化成蝶的寄生蟲,「臺灣山林王」的一頁傳奇 -

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Sun May 10 12:12:52 GMT 2020 From /weblog/history


Childhood memories of 1920s Hong Kong -

《 香港老字號:廖同合荳品廠 》 -

《 香港老字號:「慈善遮王」何希記造遮 》 -

Tram -

Inside Kowloon walled city -

1957-8: Andrew Suddaby's photos -

一樓一古:宅在摩星嶺文物屋 -[..]supplement/culture/art/20130527/18272607

Tong Lau / 唐樓, the Hong Kong shophouse -

Some old color photos -

【動畫●橫瀾島牛奶叔】最後的燈塔守護者 28年自給自足最開心 -[..]om/realtime/supplement/20161125/55956449

中環卅間唐樓-鬧市中的迷樣建築群 -中環卅間唐樓-鬧市中的迷樣建築群/

Tokwawan -[..]%96%E7%95%8C%E7%9A%84%E5%85%A8%E9%83%A8/

當銀行計劃書變成獨立宣言-滙豐銀行的建立與香港金融民族主義 -[..]%8D%E6%B0%91%E6%97%8F%E4%B8%BB%E7%BE%A9/

Hea字原來都有得寫 齊來認識廣東話 -[..]1%E8%A9%B1-%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB%E7%AF%87/1

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