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Sat Jul 08 14:14:29 GMT 2023


Unix -[..]history-microsoft-unix-operating-system/[..]nux-how-linux-became-everyones-favorite/[..]hat-is-unix-and-the-history-of-unix-408l

Woman -[..]story-of-women-in-computing-e7253ac24306

Design -[..]03/the-software-architecture-chronicles/[..]ace/the-improbable-origins-of-powerpoint[..]se-hard-disk-drive-industry-d7747f793c99

How to get old software and hardware working again -

別小看人類玩遊戲的渴望! 電腦和電子遊戲同時起源於 1950 年代 -[..]insights/blog/100-years-computer-science[..]atchm/who-invented-the-microprocessor-2/[..]e-whirlwind-computer-at-chm-dab505bc52a6[..]0-years-of-computer-science-ca2603bcec4d

EBay -[..]-and-the-times-that-could-have-killed-it

A tribute to Alan Turing -

滑鼠的共同發明人 William English 逝世,享耆壽 91 歲 -[..]e-co-inventor-William-English-dies-at-91

The Life of a Data Byte -

【Wired 硬塞】世界第一顆真・微處理器與 F-14 戰機秘史 -[..]history-of-the-first-microprocessor-f-14

What Can We Learn From SQL’s 50 Year Reign? A Story of 2 Turing Awards -

Climbing the Peak: Agony and Ecstasy Of 200 Code Writers Beget Windows NT -

How Quake Shook the World: Quake Turns 25 -[..]how-quake-shook-the-world-quake-turns-25

A History of Automatic Speech Recognition -

Why DEL is 0x7f, \n is linefeed, and fights break out in the tab vs space debate.-[..]e/weird-programming-facts-1-3fe47d82a7fd

Linux -[..]/linus-torvalds-on-linuxs-30th-birthday/

Logical Piano Lessons -

How Did Vim Become So Popular -

Ukraine’s Software & Computer Museum -[..]es-software-computer-museum-1563a3efd434

AWS 亚马逊云基础架构 16 年创新史-

Long Live Software Easter Eggs! -

Cerf and Kahn may have invented the primary protocol for the internet, but many others made valuable contributions. -[..]science/who-invented-the-internet-05264/

50 Years of Fun With PONG -

PostScript: A Digital Printing Press -[..]pt-a-digital-printing-press-f3d9f1059997

In Memoriam: Gordon Moore (1929–2023) -[..]riam-gordon-moore-1929-2023-641bf50e62e2

Xerox PARC -[..]p-of-historical-proportions-93f5f502f608

From Alto to AI -

SimCity 4, the greatest citybuilder of all time, was released 20 years ago -[..]er-of-all-time-was-released-20-years-ago

Ethernet Turns 50! -

ERMA was the absolute beginning of the mechanization of business. — Thomas Morrin, SRI Director of Engineering -

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