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Tue Aug 29 12:31:00 GMT 2023


Eat more fibre Most of us eat only half the recommended 30g a day. But start slowly – our guts don’t like rapid change

Eat the rainbow Choose colourful fruits and vegetables and try to eat
30 different plants, nuts and seeds every week

Eat foods rich in polyphenols These include dark chocolate and red wine

Eat fermented foods Tim Spector favours kombucha, kefir and kimchi, as well as unpasteurised cheeses

Eat more omega 3 New research suggests a relationship between gut microbes, omega 3 and brain health

Let kids play with dirt and dogs Jack Gilbert’s research has shown that since the gut’s population is seeded in early life, allowing small children to dig in soil and play with domestic animals can undo a lot of the damage modern lifestyles do to our microbiomes[..]d-its-massive-significance-to-our-health

Can't Go? These 14 Foods Can Help -[..]sorders/ss/slideshow-foods-make-you-poop

Your gut health can affect the rest of your body. Here’s why. -[..]/article/microbiome-gut-health-explained

Do antibiotics really wipe out your gut bacteria? -[..]iotics-really-wipe-out-your-gut-bacteria

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