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Thu Mar 11 06:21:23 GMT 2010


java toolbox FAQ -

bible of AS400 -[..]4r5/ic2924/index.htm?info/rzahgictoc.htm
CRTLIB - create library
CRTSRCPF - Create Source Physical File
WRKMBRPDM - work with members using PDM
STRACMS - SCM ( aldon lifecycle manager for iseries )
QSQLSRC - Source File for create table
WRKSPLF - check Job status
STRJRNPF - start Journal a change of a file to another -[..]r2/ic2928/index.htm?info/cl/strjrnpf.htm
DSPFFD, UFFD - check table schema, Display File Field Description (DSPFFD)
WRKOBJ - find object under a library, e.g. : wrkobj qgpl/rst* *file
CHGCURDIR - ction or command e.g. : CHGCURDIR dir('$DEVKW3')
DSPFD - show journal status of the file
SBMBENJOB - submit ben job
STRISDB - start debugger, e.g. : CALL PGM(*LIBL/CLRS_LST) PARM( '/HOME/ISCY1/' 'RSTLSTTAK' '1.6')
edtlibl - edit library list

common library for sql - $PRDOBJBEN , $REFDTAREP
common library for script - $PRDSRCBEN/QTXTSRC


F23=more options (shift + F11 = F23)
F24=More keys
F4 = drop down kind of prompt

6:57:06 PM: Carfield W Yim/: hi... just get distracted by a call... now I created a member.... then I edit it and put the create table scripts there. However, it only allow me to put 18 lines, is that normal?
6:57:52 PM: Srikanth X Krishnaswamy/: type in the letter 'I' followed by 10 in the first column- inserts 10 lines
7:15:26 PM: Srikanth X Krishnaswamy/: Nope; I10 on the line that says 0018.00; start from the first 0

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3:44:08 PM: Srikanth X Krishnaswamy/: wrkmbrpdm
3:44:29 PM: Srikanth X Krishnaswamy/: use the right source ($vvv/bbb) for example
3:44:57 PM: Srikanth X Krishnaswamy/: Option 25, hit F13 to replicate this option on all source members
3:47:36 PM: Carfield W Yim/: and how to run F13?
3:50:56 PM: Srikanth X Krishnaswamy/: shirt+F1

5:42:01 PM: Srikanth X Krishnaswamy/: Connection > Configure > 27x132 columns

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