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Thu Jun 23 07:23:32 HKT 2016


Some comment saying that you cannot complain oracle for non-standard setup... However, should I break anything else just to install oracle? Anyway, may be a useful resource of installing oracle cluster -

Oracle SQL links -

Pure java solution to full text search -[..]nning-lucene-inside-your-oracle-jvm.html

Oracle does allow definitions of user-defined types.Please see[..]er.111/b28286/sql_elements001.htm#i46376

User-defined types can then be used for column definitions. See e.g.
the fourth example given here[..].111/b28286/statements_7002.htm#i2062833

Oracle also allows creation of a table based on one user-defined type,
i.e. an "object table".
See here[..].111/b28286/statements_7002.htm#i2159410

User-defined types can be changed; see[..].111/b28286/statements_4002.htm#i2057828
Oracle even offers an option as to whether existing data in tables
based on previous type definition is converted or not; see[..].111/b28286/statements_4002.htm#i2079300
There are a couple of pages in the Object-Relational Developer's Guide explaining the consequences, briefly...

Note: all links above are to Oracle 11g documentation, but many, if not all, of these features have been available since 9i.

row base permission -[..]/oracle/virtual-private-database-oracle/

How fetch size can affect performance -[..]jdbc-performance-tuning-with-fetch-size/

Recycle bin for Oracle 10g -[..]ecycle-bin-in-database.html#.UNXprSUqthH

Oracle won't put null in index... how can we find the column with issue out? -[..]12/the-index-youve-added-is-useless-why/

You can have java like stacetrace at PLSQL -

Need to be careful about using rownum to limit the result in oracle -[..]racle-limit-returned-records-with-rownum

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