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Fri Jun 17 00:44:14 HKT 2011


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Mon Oct 07 13:21:31 HKT 2013 From /weblog/database/objective


A presentation about Politics issues of using ORM persistence -[..]ers/SmithDonaldPoliticsOfPersistence.pdf

A checklist of features of ORM library, which, I think, may be too detail to consider that much?

Some problem of ORM nowadays -[..]e-ubiquitous-bastardization-of-orm-17100

This post rise a good point, if the ORM tool doesn't provide a simpler solution, why bother to use it? Just because many people using it?

We have been using hibernate for while, actually it is good. But LGPL block us from using it anymore...

Here is some other experience about this - and the discussion of this article -[..]m/news/thread.tss?thread_id=41174#212825

Some interestig ORM packages without XML

And there is one try to use javadoc doclet approach to make all those SQL documented at javadoc also, look like an interesting idea -

Advantage of using ORM, but are those really so important?[..]oWriteYourOwnObjectRelationalMapper.aspx

Good source about various pattern and test on ORM -

Analysis on ORM package -

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Tue Mar 18 01:25:23 HKT 2008 From /weblog/database/objective

Databases and Objects

A nice article which talk about relation DB and OO. But I have an difference opinions, I think that advantage of relational database is the problem that OO like to prevent.

The main advantage of relational database is the relatioal model make it easy to perform reporting. However, relation model is more difficult than hierarchical model (OO model) to enable encapsulation and polymorphism.

Turn out, if we stand on OO programmer point of view, we will complaint that most RDBMS is in fact just a giant global variable; If we stand as DBA point of view, we will complaint other thing.

Can we create something that optimize for both world? I don’t think so…

Update: a message also discuss about this:

Update #2: A further analysis of ORM:

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Thu Oct 12 17:33:03 HKT 2006 From /weblog/database/objective

Transparent persistent

Transparent Persistence is a marketing term (that means "lie"), it isn't. However, because you need to spend far less effort on persistence you tend to really want it to be true, and code as if it is.
Probably, what we all need to do, is to remove the word "transparent" from "transparent o/r mapping" and admit that it is simply a high level tool, be up front about the design considerations, and talk a lot more about how to design applications using these tools rather than what the tools can do.

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