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JUnit Presentation

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jini presentation

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This is the brief README file that descript the project.

argouml - the patched argouml with versioning capacity, you can run this with the ant script at argouml/src_new/build.xml, for more information of ant, please refer to
gary - the jini connector part, please refer to the scripts at gary/script for how to run it. You need to have jini 1.2 and upper jar file in classpath
gef_jini - the graphic framework of argouml that patch for jini use. After you make editing, you need to build the jar and copy it to argouml/lib and argouml/build to test.
gef_socket - the graphic framework of argouml that patch for socket use. After you make editing, you need to build the jar and copy it to argouml/lib and argouml/build to test. And you should need to modify the server IP and port that specific at file gef_socket/src/org/tigris/gef/base/ and recompile
server - the simple socket server for gef_socket use

Detailed README of Internet-IDEF
Written Date: (16/Jul/2002)

This readme file include
- A description of directories in the project
- Prerequisite: Tools and Technologies used in this project
- How to compile the source code
- How to run the project

- bin: the place for store build.xml, which is a project build file run by Ant tool.
This directory also store a Window scripts for startup simple http servers
and some fundamental Jini services.

- src: store source code in this project.

- classes: store compiled class files in this project.

- jar: contains all the class files or jar files that is required for download to clients
through http server.

- property: store all the files for the configuration of different tools.

- javadoc: store the Java Documention generated.

Techologies Used:
- Java 2
- Jini Network technology
- JavaSpace

Tool's used:
- JDK 1.3.1
- Jini Technology v1.2 Starter Kit (API for JavaSpace is included)
- Ant 1.3 (Ant 1.4 is also possible with minor changes)

The project fundamentally developed in Windows 2000 professional environment
The Intergation of Internet-IDEF and collaborative ArgoUML was on Linux environment

Ant was used to build the project, that is, Ant was used compilation and running of the project.
The latest information about installation and execution of Ant building tool can be found in

To compile the project, there is two command options: 1) "ant compile" or 2) "ant compileAll".
The first option will compile all the files modified from the previous compilation.
The second one will remove all the files in the "classes" directory and compile all the source files once again.

The first step for running the project is startup all the simple http server by running target in 'build.xml'.
You can write your own OS script, that is .bat file in Windows and .sh file in Linux.
The location for the .sh script is in the "gary/script" directory.

The second step is to run the service you want and the client tool browser by using 'build.xml'.
The Jini version of collaborative ArgoUml service and client browser will be automatically startup
when script is used.

The command for running service is something like this: ant runServerX (where X is a number)
The command for runninn client browser is: ant runClient

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