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Thu Nov 09 11:20:57 GMT 2023

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Sun Aug 27 04:27:03 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 04:15:37 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 04:11:36 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 04:11:28 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 04:11:20 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 04:10:52 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 04:00:24 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 03:59:01 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 03:58:55 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 03:58:44 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 03:58:07 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 03:58:00 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Sun Aug 27 03:44:52 GMT 2023 From /gallery/AU/Sydney/Blue+Gum+Walk


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Fri Aug 25 13:51:39 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Fri Aug 25 13:32:53 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Thu Aug 24 14:55:24 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Thu Aug 24 14:26:52 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science


Not your sister’s art hobby: DNA origami can save lives -[..]rs-art-hobby-dna-origami-can-save-lives/

Scientists store information in DNA of living cells -[..]sts-store-information-dna-cells-0562362/

What is DNA: the blueprint of life -[..]ience/what-is-dna-the-blueprint-of-life/

DNA -[..]l-help-you-understand-yourself/?view=all[..]-genetics-and-the-human-genome/?view=all

How DNA discovered?[..]-scientists-unraveled-dnas-double-helix/

You’ve heard about genome sequencing — but what’s exome sequencing? -[..]her/feature-post/what-is-exome-08052021/

DNA Jumps Between Animal Species. No One Knows How Often. -[..]species-no-one-knows-how-often-20210609/

The Future of Cloning: From Dolly The Sheep To Elizabeth Ann -

What is DNA -

There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label -[..]ine/article/race-genetics-science-africa

What is Mitochondrial DNA and Mitochondrial Inheritance -[..]ience-abc/about-mitochondrial-dna-42423/

Homologous Chromosomes: What are They For? -[..]omologous-chromosomes-what-are-they-for/

The viruses that helped to make you human -[..]he-viruses-that-helped-to-make-you-human

Scientists discover common ancestor to all complex life forms -[..]mmon-ancestor-to-all-complex-life-forms/

Scientists finally sequence the Y chromosome for the first time -[..]nce-the-y-chromosome-for-the-first-time/

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Wed Aug 23 14:26:38 GMT 2023 From /weblog/software_engineering


Painless Functional Specifications -

How to write a project specification -

How to create great technical specifications -[..]to-create-great-technical-specifications

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Wed Aug 23 14:16:04 GMT 2023 From /weblog/ai


API example -

Check if it is from chatgpt (or something similar) -

GPT-4 重磅发布,吊打 ChatGPT!编程能力牛到让我睡不着:10 秒做出一个网站,1 分钟开发一个游戏 -

人人都能懂的 ChatGPT 解读 -

ChatGPT 开源平替来了,开箱即用!200 亿参数,采用 4300 万条指令集微调模型 -

Large language Models: A Calculator for Words -[..]dels-a-calculator-for-words-7ab4099d0cc9

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Wed Aug 23 14:10:07 GMT 2023 From /weblog/child


Discussion about using monday as prize -

bullying -[..]-about-bullying-you-probably-didnt-know/

Learn how to learn. Creativity, on-the-fly learning, and critical thinking skills are going to be what matters. Your grandchildren may live in a world without work, but you won't; instead you will live in a world that is rapidly changing. Whatever you choose to do, learning to code will be a very valuable skill, even if you don't do it for a living, because knowing the basic logic of machines will be critical in thriving in our society as it adapts to the ever-growing powers of machines. -[..]i-until-we-build-systems-that-earn-trust

兒童期望的是大人了解自己的步調,明白自己的需求,認識真正的自己。 -

Gardening can help children grow life skills as well as fruits and flowers. Here are some ideas to get started. -[..]-kidsand-not-just-because-of-the-veggies

Participating in crowd-sourced science projects isn’t just a learning experience—it can empower children to protect the planet. -[..]ticle/how-to-raise-a-volunteer-scientist

Kids Are Learning, Even When They're Not Paying Attention -[..]ng-even-when-theyre-not-paying-attention

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Wed Aug 23 14:00:12 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Wed Aug 23 12:37:35 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/animal/anient


四川現遠古生物「仙女蝦」 幼卵無懼100℃滾水 -

25 Extinct Animals That Scientists Want To Bring Back -[..]-scientists-want-to-de-extinct/?view=all

Extinct-animals -[..]ls-that-we-are-sad-to-see-gone/?view=all

25 Most Bizarre Fossils Ever Discovered -[..]izarre-fossils-ever-discovered/?view=all

Big frog -[..]als-ecology/ancient-pacman-frog-0423432/

25 Incredible Sea Monsters That Once Ruled The Oceans -[..]sea-monsters-that-once-ruled-the-oceans/

10 of the Weirdest Prehistoric Creatures -[..]ience/10-weirdest-prehistoric-creatures/

【蛛蠍混合體?】1億年歷史琥珀 藏新品種長尾蜘蛛 -[..]ional/realtime/article/20180206/57797446

The saber-toothed cat: the most memorable extinct megafauna -[..]ce/saber-toothed-cat-about-facts-0943284

neanderthals -[..]00128-how-did-the-last-neanderthals-live

Great Auk -

New research explains why crocodiles are relatively unchanged since dinosaur times -[..]cience/why-crocodiles-survived-08012021/

Ancient hyenas hunted in the Arctic millions of years ago -[..]ted-in-the-arctic-millions-of-years-ago/

Big-brained birds were better at adapting to their rapidly shifting environment -- and that may have ultimately saved them. -[..]oid-impact-that-wiped-out-the-dinosaurs/

The roughly 30-foot-long fossil found in England offers new clues to how ichthyosaurs evolved into marine titans. -[..]fossil-is-one-of-the-largest-of-its-kind

Scientists have learned more about the ancient animals in the last 25 years than in the previous 250—from the color of their skin and feathers to how they lived and evolved. -[..]-get-a-modern-reboot-interactive-feature

Mass extinction -[..]cience/prehistoric-world/mass-extinction

Cannibalism in animals is more common than you think -[..]alism-common-leopards-fish-invertebrates

Trilobite facts: from compound eyes to combat tridents, these remarkable fossils have a lot to say -

Why giant prehistoric animals got smaller -[..]hy-prehistoric-giant-animals-got-smaller

It’s got 16.000 eyes and they’re all pointed at you — the ancient animal with the most eyes -[..]ce/geology/anomalocaris-fossil-08122011/

Everything you wanted to know about T Rex but were afraid to ask -[..]ce/geology/tyrannosaurus-t-rex-08032011/

52-million-year-old bat skeletons are the oldest ever—and tell a ‘really weird’ tale -[..]ar-old-bat-skeletons-are-the-oldest-ever

How amber creates exquisite fossils -[..]ce/article/what-is-amber-fossils-science

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Tue Aug 22 14:08:13 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/travelling


Seeking to solve the Arctic’s biggest mystery, they ended up trapped in ice at the top of the world -[..]hwest-passage-arctic-ice-sailing-trapped

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Sun Aug 20 13:23:48 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sun Aug 20 13:03:31 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/travelling

最大的洲最小的島 -Young-20230819

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